How to download the Radiator catalog

Download the file no.1 (WinZip software file)
Note :-You need to download this file if you do not have a self extracting software called WinZip installed in your computer.
If you already have this software, please proceed to DOWNLOAD the file no.2 (Radiator catalog file)
1) Select file no.1 " WinZip file"
2) Select "Save this program to disk " click OK
3) In "Save in My Documents" click OPEN and click SAVE
4) After download completed click OPEN and click SETUP
You then will see "Install to : x :\Program files\WinZip" Where x is your hard drive, click OK
5) The Win Zip program will be installed to your hard drive then click NEXT
6) Click YES to accept the license agreement.
Note :-You are asked to read the WinZip license agreement thoroughly to understand the terms and conditions
7) You can choose either "WinZip wizard" or " WinZip clasic" then click NEXT
8) Choose EXPRESS SETUP (Recommended) then click OK
9) Click FINISH to exit the program.

Download the file no.2 (Radiator catalog file)
1) Select file no.2 on the Thai Radiator home page
2) Select "Save this program to disk " click OK
3) In "Save in My Documents" box; click SAVE, then down load will start to commence
4) After the download completed , the click CLOSE
6) From WINDOW EXPLORER go to hard drive then go to My documents
7) From My documents file, double click "Catalog.exe" file
8) From WinZip Self-Extractor-Catalog.exe box Click BROWSE
9) From browse for folder choose "My documents" then Click OK
10) Click Unzip button then click OK
11) Close the WinZip Self-Extractor Catalog.exe
12) While you are still in window explorer double Click file name "Setup.exe"
13) Click OK on the TR-Catalog setup box
14) Click the large square button with computer icon on the TR-Catalog setup box
15) Exit after the set up completed.
16) You should now find the radiator catalog file on your computer programs.